HUBBARD CLASSIC: Early Broiler Growth and High Chick Productivity

The Hubbard CLASSIC Package unquestionably offers the best balance and versatility in terms of reproductive and broiler performance.

The main qualities of the Hubbard CLASSIC Broiler are strong initial growth coupled with very good FCR. Its robustness and adaptability are evident under any temperature and feed conditions. Its overall benefits allow it to obtain the lowest cost price for the live, whole bird or ready-to-cook markets, thanks to its high total meat yield.

The Hubbard CLASSIC is an excellent breeder and produces an average of 148 chicks in 64 weeks. Its adaptability to any environment makes it an ideal product for temperate as well as tropical areas.

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HUBBARD FLEX: Best FCR & High Meat Quality

The Hubbard FLEX Package offers a competitive chick price, a low-cost live broiler, as well as good carcass conformation.

The Hubbard FLEX Broiler indisputably offers the best FCR of all breeders currently on the market. With its excellent growth, ease of management and uniformity, the Hubbard FLEX Broiler is ideally positioned for the global market. Thanks to excellent litter quality, it offers clear advantages in terms of welfare.

Hubbard FLEX Broiler results confirm its perfect suitability for the cut-up and processing markets. Its total meat yield and conformation make it an ideal product for slaughter weights of between 1.8 and 3.0 kg.

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HUBBARD H1: Optimal answer for Heavy Broiler market

The Hubbard H1 Package optimizes the total deboned meat yield produced in the production..

The Hubbard H1 Broiler is primarily intended for the heavy broiler market ranging from 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs) to over 3.5 kg (8 lbs) live weight. It offers one of the best total meat yields on the current market, ideally positioning it for the deboned and further processed markets.

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HUBBARD F15: Lowest Live Costs & Total Meat

The Hubbard F15 Package is undoubtedly the product which best symbolises the “Less Feed More Meat”, and is primarily characterised by the gains it offers in terms of feed and breeder density.

The most striking feature of the Hubbard F15 Breeder is its size, genetically selected to obtain a standard-sized broiler from a dwarf breeder. When permitted the Hubbard F15 Female can be housed at a density 20 to 25% higher per m² than a standard breeder. The feed savings per hen come to an average of 8 kg/hen or 371 g/chick at 64 weeks, giving this product a highly significant economic benefit.

Combined with the genetic white or yellow Hubbard males, the Hubbard F15 female enables production of a chicken offering the flexibility required by the modern poultry industry in terms of live cost and overall meat yield, across all ranges with a live weight of 1.5 to 2.8 kg. Like its parents, the Hubbard F15 Broiler has one of the very best FCR’s. Finally, its strengths also include carcass quality and liveability.

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HUBBARD JV: Grade A chicken at the best price / The highest number of chicks per m²

The JV package combines robustness of the broilers and productivity of the parent stock with the most economic and predictable production of 1 kg of Grade A broilers.

The JV broiler brings good growth, FCR and hardiness under tough conditions together. These characteristics makes it a chicken perfectly suited for the whole “grilled or roasted” chicken market.

The undisputed dwarf concept of the parent stock female allows to produce 20% more day-old-chicks without investing in new breeder houses. In a context of high feed costs, the feed savings are consistent and up to 25% per chick produced.

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